35th Anniversary $350,000 Endowment Challenge

Saginaw Community Foundation

2019 marks Saginaw Community Foundation’s 35th Anniversary. To celebrate this milestone, we are issuing a challenge to help us raise $350,000 over the course of the year. Funds raised will be placed in the Lucy R. Allen Cornerstone Fund and become part of our permanent operating endowment, building towards our overall long-term goal to grow the fund to $5 million.

Once our endowment reaches $5 million, the annual financial support generated from the fund directed toward our general operations will allow us to continue to fulfill our mission as a truly sustainable institution – for good, for ever.

When you choose to support your community foundation, you make it possible for us to: 
  • Convene groups and individuals together to combine resources, talents and shared visions to reach common goals –neighbor helping neighbor
  • Invest in projects in our village that will generate positive social returns
  • Provide grants to help fund projects and initiatives right here in Saginaw County – a $36 million impact since 1984
  • Award 400+ scholarships annually for post-secondary education
  • Guide young philanthropists via FORCE, our youth advisory council
  • Offer our Youth First After School Program – a resource for children and parents
Join us! You can be a philanthropist and make an impact in your village – right here in Saginaw County. Regardless of size, all gifts are a statement of support and a belief in our mission to fulfill donor wishes and enable community initiatives to come to life, now and forever.